Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Microwave Popcorn Recipe – How to Make it? Easy to Follow Step by Step.

Microwave Popcorn Recipe   How to Prepare it  Easy to Follow Step by Step
It’s so easy to prepare it at home, just follow these so simple steps:

First, bring a bowl, put some oil ( I prefer olive oil if available).

Second, put the un-cocked popcorn in the bowl and mix it very well with the oil.

Third: Put some salt, as you wish, then mix it again.

Fourth, now the fun starts. Bring brown paper lunch bag. Put the row popcorn inside it.
Don’t put too much. May be quarter or less of the bag to be filled only. We can say ¾ of it should be empty.

Fifth, now fold top of the brown bag two or three times. We need to keep the hot air inside.

Sixth, now put the closed brown bag in the microwave and start it for 2 minutes.

When time finished, take out that paper bag form the microwave, open it and enjoy the delicious popcorn.
So simple, right?