Wednesday, May 18, 2016

 Its Saturday night.
And usually at that time I don't stay for very long time in my bakery. Its not that big
one, but me and my family were and still enjoying to share baking something for us to eat together,

My lovely wifena and the tow kids like that gathering and enjoy every single moment of it.
That day was a long day where holidays started and Christmas on doors with its charming events.
I was listing in so some Christmas songs and enjoying that musing, while snow also started
to cover the streets, well not that much but it was the start.

Suddenly, my mobile start ringing like crazy, I was cleaning the oven and arranging thing on the table
I had a look and it was my wife, she was on the line but here voice was shaking:
Darling, are ok? She sake
" Yeah, for sure, I was just do some cleaning to close the bakery and coming back home, why?
.I must ask, are you ok? From you voice can feel the answer." I said.

She answered back: I was setting with our kids, when they asked that start making a list for the
best gifts for bakers, but suddenly John's wife called and she said that she can see a big fire
coming from our bakery, as you know they live near to it.

I shouted suddenly: What, where? I cannot see anything or even smell anything.
While I was talking to my wife, suddenly a big and noisy knocking start on my shop door.
"What a nigh!", I said to my self while I was going to open the door.

I as fully surprised when I face two policemen with one fireman standing in font of me and asking:
Are fine sir, did you hurt? The nieghbouts called and confirmed that there a fire coming from you bakery.
I said: I am fine officer, thank you, nothing happened.
He smiled, and said: We know that. the fire was out of you shop, can you have a look sir.
My be you can guess something.

I looked outside, when I say it I hatted my head with my hand strongly and shouted: Oh my good!
The officer said: I thing you have something to tell us.

I took long bread, I said:
I am so sorry, really I am so sorry. Its my mistake, I through some of the burned bread pieces in the
garbage container, and ....
The officer instructed me: Seemed to be you did nit check them well, they case a big fire in that container.

 Although snow was falling but the fire started and became bigger because that container was full of garbage.
That was the reason your neighbors though that fire is common from your bakery.

Well, what happened next? Don't ask. But not bas as you may think.
Everybody were in the mod of Christmas happy holidays. I paid some fees with promise to take care in the next time.

Nightmare of jail went a way.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My father used to keep telling me always "Baking is an art"!
If you love it, and you enjoy what you are doing, then for sure you will get an amazing
results because you will do all what you can to get the best baked stuff.

After I watched the video, I really admired what he was telling.
People appearing in the video represent  another culture, where they live far away from us ,
but they are really smart, active and yet  so simple exactly like the tools they are using to
get such delicious bread
Watch the clip and i hope you will enjoy it like i did.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

 For many of us, including me, buying a gift is really a big task!
We are trying to get the best one for those whom we love and appreciate, and always we are under the pressure
 that it  could be not a suitable one, or may be they will not like it and many other thoughts that used to come
 before making a decision what to buy?
confused man

The below 8 steps  are great ones, as I believe, and they will help us  a lot to choose the right present.
So let us dive and go through them:

1- Set aside time to write up your gift list.
2-Record the name of each recipient on the list, keeping each name four spaces apart.
3- Next to the name, write the age according to category. Example: toddler, preteen, teen, young adult, middle age,
senior citizen, elderly.
4-Next to the name indicate the amount you've budgeted to spend.
5-Now it's time to put memory to use. Beside each name, enter a milestone each recipient reached and match your gift
according to the achievement. Example: College Graduation, started new business, retired, etc
6-Deciding upon an appropriate gift has much to do with what the recipient aspires to in the secular world and enjoys
doing for recreation, as a hobby and domestically.
7-Elaborate gifts can prove more complicated than intended. Personal questions need to be answered. Questions
 about taste, style, preferred brand, manufacturer.
8-If you intend to give a gift the recipient might have normally gotten for themselves, you'll want to cover other
 important bases, such as aesthetics: desired color, fabric, texture, print pattern, form and social statement.
In addition to what mentined above, take care of the followings:

1-Avoid procrastinating when getting gifts.

2-Give yourself plenty of time to shop around.

3-Avoid elaborate gifts unless you know the individual on an intimate basis.
When time is of the essence, simplify gift giving.

4-Never give a gift without an accompanied greeting card.

5-Consider gift cards. However, try to make the gift card to somewhere with special-interest items that the individual
would like, instead of a department store.

And good luck.