Saturday, November 21, 2015

Unforgettable Memories: Baking Cookies With Grandma

Unforgettable Memories: Baking Cookies With Grandma
I still remember that moment as if it happened just now.
Me and my sister stand next to our grandmother, extremely happy watching here working hard to prepare things before she make cookies ready for baking. " I will prepare also for you the best ice-cream", she said with a big smile in here face.

Me and my sister insisted to help her. " Please, please grandma let us work with you" again she smiled and said: "Ok, but don't make a big mess in the kitchen". Well, we ere very excited, and little bit Annoying. but so happy. As I remember I was the one who was supposed to put the sugar in the mixture, and for sure, following my grandma instructions.

After a while, everything was don. Ice cream seemed to be great and the cookies also seemed to be very delicious ( as I think).
My grandpa entered the house, and he shouted with his husky voice: "Wow, this should be very tasty. I know you grandma , she was and still the best.
Still I remember that moment, when grandpa start eating the cookies. From the fist bit, his face color changed to lite red., then he said : "Darling, we have no sugar at homeI said immediately: "For sure we have, Putting sugar was my responsibly". I was feeling vey proud.

Both my grandma and my sister took the first bit from the cookies they have in their hands. Suddenly, and exactly like what happened to my grandpa, their faces color changed.
I took one bit, and slowly I look at them . It was the most salty cocky in the world. Oh my god, by mistake I used salt instead of sugar!!
That night, we laughed so much that our eyes filled up with tears.
I will never forget that night

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