Sunday, November 22, 2015

Blue/Green/Yellow 3-Piece Mixing Bowl From OXO Good Grips Gift for Bakers

Blue Green Yellow 3 Piece Mixing Bowl From OXO Good Grips Gift for Bakers
Nothing like this blue/green/yellow 3-piece mixing bowl from OXO Good Grips gift for bakers.

The set consists of three nice different colors, each of them made of very solid material. My mother old ones were difficult to hold, but not with these with great ones, they have a soft handles fit comfortably in your hand.

When we do cooking, we need tools that really help, and this set is really a great help, where their nonslip bottoms stabilize it, in perfect way, while working on the ingredients. Moreover, they have wide lips and spouts which make it very easy to pour the food.
There was a one major issue in the old design ones, but here its no more, it is the dishwasher! Now you can clean them using your dishware without any worries.

I love the idea that the 5-quart size has wider mouth which helps a lot. Finally, they can be used for anything; personally i enjoy using them for serving popcorn and tossing salads. For sure my mother deserve on set.