Monday, May 2, 2016

I like Baking All The Day But What Else Can Be Baked? – Funny Story

I work at a bakeshop that offers mostly cupcakes, as well as some cookies.
I've told you before my story with my grandma, but you will like this one more. and I will make it short.
i love baking
A young male consumer scenting strongly of cannabis strolls in.

Consumer: Oh, guy, cookies!
Me: Yep, cupcakes, also!.
(The man walks around considering the cookies.).
Consumer: So, where are the chocolate chip cookies?.
Me: Oh, we in fact don t have any kind of. The closest we re selling today is oatmeal raisin delicious chocolate chip.
Customer: I assumed you had chocolate chip!.
Me: Well, several of the stock adjustments seasonally, yet we wear t usually do chocolate chip.
The male wanders around, obviously still seeking the chocolate chip.
Customer: Just what time do you close tonight?.
Me: We re open till 10 pm.
Consumer: You ll certainly have chocolate chip already! Right?.