Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Quick Solutions and Hints: 4 Annoyed Baking Obstacles

Quick Solutions and Hints  4 Annoyed Baking Obstacles
Do You Have Eggshell in your yolk?
No problem, just wet your finger, touch the shell and it will stick to your figure.

The Butter is Tough and Cannot Be Cut?
Don’t ever use the microwave. Just cover it with a warm glass and wait a while. Take the cub out and see how easy its now to cut it.

You Don’t Have a Rolling Pin?
It’s so easy; just bring an empty bottle and use it as a rolling pin.

No tool to Measure Cupcake Mix?
Use an ice cream scoop to measure it.

But What if you Don’t Have a Muffin Tin?
Use Mason jar lids to hold the cupcake liners.

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