Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is it True That: Continuous Baking Will Fill Your Body with Muscles?

Is it True That Continuous Baking Will Fill Your Body with Muscles
When I found this image in one of the free photos websites, I decided immediately to share it with you.

The reason for that it reminded me with a funny story and I love to share it with you guys.

It was early morning, I was a little kid that time jumping in the street around my mother legs when she was going for shopping.
Suddenly I saw a man with huge muscles, wearing a white kitchen apron, carrying two bags filed with vegetables. I remember I stopped and scouted: Wow! How can he carry such heavy things?

My mother looked at me and said: Slow down little boy, do you see that bakery in front of you, he is working there. He is a baker? I asked here. She said: Yes, he is a baker. I still remember that  big smile came out on my mother face when I asked here: You mean if I start baking I will get such ones?
She was on hurry collecting her things when she replied: Well, maybe you will, but if you keep baking contentiously.
Funny, isn’t it?