Wednesday, May 4, 2016

8 Steps to Select the Right Gift: No More Confusion or Hesitation.

 For many of us, including me, buying a gift is really a big task!
We are trying to get the best one for those whom we love and appreciate, and always we are under the pressure
 that it  could be not a suitable one, or may be they will not like it and many other thoughts that used to come
 before making a decision what to buy?
confused man

The below 8 steps  are great ones, as I believe, and they will help us  a lot to choose the right present.
So let us dive and go through them:

1- Set aside time to write up your gift list.
2-Record the name of each recipient on the list, keeping each name four spaces apart.
3- Next to the name, write the age according to category. Example: toddler, preteen, teen, young adult, middle age,
senior citizen, elderly.
4-Next to the name indicate the amount you've budgeted to spend.
5-Now it's time to put memory to use. Beside each name, enter a milestone each recipient reached and match your gift
according to the achievement. Example: College Graduation, started new business, retired, etc
6-Deciding upon an appropriate gift has much to do with what the recipient aspires to in the secular world and enjoys
doing for recreation, as a hobby and domestically.
7-Elaborate gifts can prove more complicated than intended. Personal questions need to be answered. Questions
 about taste, style, preferred brand, manufacturer.
8-If you intend to give a gift the recipient might have normally gotten for themselves, you'll want to cover other
 important bases, such as aesthetics: desired color, fabric, texture, print pattern, form and social statement.
In addition to what mentined above, take care of the followings:

1-Avoid procrastinating when getting gifts.

2-Give yourself plenty of time to shop around.

3-Avoid elaborate gifts unless you know the individual on an intimate basis.
When time is of the essence, simplify gift giving.

4-Never give a gift without an accompanied greeting card.

5-Consider gift cards. However, try to make the gift card to somewhere with special-interest items that the individual
would like, instead of a department store.

And good luck.